Monday, January 17, 2011

My Daily Loadout

Okay, so "Daily Load Out" sounds a bit odd.  Kinda spooky, creepy, hermit, survivalist psycho-ish.  Plus the pistol, cell phone and extra mag go on my belt and the earpiece usually falls down in between the console and seat of my Explorer.
Anyways, what all do I got here?  Well, I have an HTC Hero cell phone.  A leather wallet and cheap LED flashlight from Wal Mart.  A Benchmade fountain pen with a pointy end that will fuck you up.  Oakleys.  Juicy Fruit.  Marlboro 72 Lights with a Bic Lighter jammed inside the pack  A Benchmade automatic opening knife (think switchblade) with a partially serrated blade.  A Springfield 1911 chambered in .45 ACP with a double stacked .45 ACP mag a ten round mag as a back up.  And a toboggan for my cold head cuz it winter.  And keys to my Explorer.
Poor belt...
Well, I finally have a place up on the Internet to post whatever retardation spews forth from my speaking orifice.
Not sure what direction, if any, this blog will go.  Movie reviews, playing with my GI Joes, my evil exes, surviving the coming "Zombie/Economic/Nuclear/No More Social Networking Sites"Apocalypse...  we'll see where my brain roams to.

Anyway, I guess you'll want to know some stuff about me.  I'm 32 years old, currently surviving in South Point, OH.
I was raised (I'm still not sure I grew up) in Flatwoods, Ky until 1/2 way through my senior year when I moved to Hawaii and graduated from Kapolei Community School.
At 20 I joined the US Navy and served 50 months as a Journalist (I was kicked out of DINFOS twice) and a Quartermaster, aboard the USS SAIPAN (LHA-2) & USS KINGFISHER (MHC-56) from October 28, 1998 to December 28, 2002.

I came back to the Tri State (OH/WV/KY) and attended Ohio University Southern for a bit and worked as a doorman and bartender in various bars in Huntington and Barboursville, WV, and somehow got drnk enough to joint the US Army Reserve as a Combat Engineer.

 In May of 2007 I deployed to Iraq as part of the 396th Engineer Mobility Route Clearance (we did Route Clearance) and returned in May of 2008.
Currently I'm still in the Reserves and attending Mountwest Community College to be a Paramedic.
Thank you, please drive thru.