Friday, April 8, 2011

Down And Dirty Bug Out Gear

Down And Dirty 

Bug Out Gear

I get asked all the time things like, what gun should I get, or people tell me “If something happens I'm coming to your house”. The former is a question I'll deal with much better later, but for now I'll suggest the following:
*Ruger 10/22 ( the .22LR is one of the most common rounds in this country, it and the rifle are endlessly versatile. Though a Marlin or Savage in .22lr are acceptable.
*A Glock – 9mm/.40 are common enough rounds, and easy to learn to shoot.
*A 12 gauge shotgun. Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 are my two top choices.
Make sure you buy a cleaning kit that will work on these, and at least a hundred rounds of ammo for them. DO NOT BUY WOLF OR BLAZER AMMO!!! They are okay for target practice, but you can get a much better deal at Wal Mart for Winchester FMJ's. The ammo you will be using is for survival, be it lethal or hunting. Not the time to take chances on cheap, “good enough” ammo.

As for coming to my house when “The Shit Hits The Fan” (THSTF) or “The End of the World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI), have fun. I won't be there, nor will I leave much behind that you can use. I'll probably leave the tubs and toilet bowls full of water, and some wood in the fireplace.
Now, as I write this the US government is about to start laying off workers, and supposedly shutting down much of its operations if a budget can't be agreed upon in the next 19 hours and eight minutes. I think people are freaking out because they don't understand how the world works. At 12am on Saturday morning there won't be riots in th streets, an invading army of Vatican Warlock Assassins led by Grand Vizier Charlie Sheen yelling “Regulators! Mount up!” or “Winning” while they quaff tiger blood and and force women into brothels.
Now, there's nothing wrong with being nervous, and taking a few precautions.  I mean, us "gun bunnies" and "right wing survival fanatics" might know what we're talking about...

Anyway, go get a gallon sized ziploc baggie out of your kitchen. Put the following items in it:

2 Energy bars 
A Full Disposable Lighter 
2 small candles
A Multi Tool (Gerber/Leatherman/etc) 
A Boxcutter 
2 bandannas
1 Yard of Duct Tape wrapped around a pen 
An LED Flashlight with extra batteries

Now go put this in your car, in addition to a heavy jacket and three bottles of water. If you don't have these items, read the next bit and then make a list, and head directly to Wal Mart, Kmart, Target or wherever. I honestly don't know how you made it here without having these things in your household (maybe you live in a dorm or nursing home?), but I'll do what I can to help you in my later posts. ;p
Now get a backpack, large satchel, duffel bag, or if you have to a suitcase. Load it with this:

A Blanket 
Flashlight with extra batteries 
3 MRE's
A light jacket 
A first aid kit 
2 Dur-A-Flame Logs
2 Disposable Lighters 
A large knife (not a pocket one) 
Any medications you might need 
List of phone numbers you might need 
A City/County Map
A Poncho/Rain Coat 
A roll of Duct Tape 
Bottle of One A Day Vitamins (100 count)

Put this by the door with a gallon jug of water. You now have a small survival kit in your car and a very basic Bug Out Bag by your door. Ideally you should have bag for each member of your household. Remember, I'm just putting this up as extremely basic info for you to have right now. I'll get into everything else here in much better detail at a later date. Below are some helpful sites:

Author's Note: This has been written in response to the past two days of frantic e-mails, Facebook message, and phone calls from people freaking out. Its a quick and dirty post.